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wild n mild bbq sauce and marinade

Wild N Mild BBQ Sauce & Rub

Wild n Mild Grilling & Marinade Sauce has all of the seasoning you will ever need to give whatever you plan on grilling, cooking, or baking enough flavor to bite back. We like telling our customers that it is always important to purchase quality cuts of meat as well as use only the freshest of ingredients in order to get the quality result that you are looking for. You can baste your meats with Wild n Mild's "Wild" or "Mild" Blend (depending on your preference of spice) once you place them on the grill just like you would with any other sauce, then continue to reapply Wild n Mild generously every time the meat needs to be turned. In other words, there is really no wrong way of using it. Wild n Mild also makes for a fabulous overnight marinade for steak, pork, poultry, seafood, any wild game, and it can even be used as a delicious dipping sauce for any of your cooked meats and vegetables.

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wild blend bbq sauce"Wild Blend"
16 oz bottles

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12 - $44.99

wild blend bbq sauce"Mild Blend"
16 oz bottles

2 - $14.99
6 - $29.99
12 - $44.99

wild n mild mild blend bbq sauce "Try it ALL"
Wild Blend, Mild Blend, and Rub


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